Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting

Data for Road Incident Visualization, Evaluation and Reporting (DRIVER)


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Low- and middle- income countries typically lack adequate systems for collecting road crash data. 80% of road crash deaths are missing from official low-income country statistics. This limits their capacity to monitor, effectively advocate for, manage and efficiently improve road safety

While many cities, states, and countries have adopted or developed proprietary systems for recording crash data, they are often developed in isolation, limiting the ability to share data among users. These systems may also be expensive—and unable to support road safety delivery and advocacy. They usually lack a seamless, global, real time, and georeferenced crash repository: a basis for monitoring the scale of the challenge.



Answering this challenge and offering effective road safety support solutions, the Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting (DRIVER) open-source system has been developed, deployed and piloted by the World Bank and GRSF. DRIVER counts with these features:

  • Is easy to procure and deploy at limited cost, with its Open Source license; Adapts to almost all countries, states, and cities, through its use of Open Street Map;
  • Provides key tools for recording and managing road safety data, including analytical tools for blackspot prediction, estimating the economic costs of crashes for a selected area, and tracking the efficacy of road safety interventions;
  • Employs a public-facing website with tools for downloading anonymized data for third-party analysis; Accommodates local crash data records with customizable data entry;
  • Includes the option of geocoding of crash locations;and
  • Is available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, Lao, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese, and can be easily translated into other languages.

The DRIVER code is available for free on the World Bank GitHub open-source code repository.

DRIVER Publications

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The DRIVER program has been piloted in the following locations:

DRIVER pilot locations

DRIVER Tutorial: Introduction and Roadmap

DRIVER (Data for Road Incident Visualization, Evaluation, and Reporting) is a road crash database system that enables governments to effectively record, manage, and analyze road crash data. This video provides the roadmap of the DRIVER tutorial, and outlines the content of the succeeding videos.

DRIVER Tutorial Part 1: Overview and History

DRIVER has been a catalyst for reforms in road safety in different countries. This section describes what DRIVER is and explains the key advantages of using DRIVER. The second half of this section maps out how DRIVER was first developed and implemented in the Philippines. This also delves into the institutional activities that enabled the nationwide scale-up of the platform.

DRIVER Tutorial Part 2: How DRIVER Works

DRIVER is not only a powerful tool but is also easy-to-use. This video provides an overview of the different functions available in DRIVER and how to access and use these tools. It also provides case studies on how these tools are used to develop evidence-based decisions in road safety.

DRIVER Tutorial Part 3: DRIVER Pilots

Multiple countries are using DRIVER for different purposes and at varying scales and levels. This section describes how DRIVER is being used in selected countries.

DRIVER Tutorial Part 4: How to Locally Adapt DRIVER

One of the advantages of DRIVER is its flexibility to respond to local needs and contexts. This video describes available materials that will guide countries in developing their own local instance of DRIVER.

DRIVER Tutorial Part 5: Latest Developments

With the support of Donors and Partners, DRIVER is continually enhanced to respond to the challenges in road safety. This section provides a few examples of new tools and functions that are available in the platform.