Pillar 3: Knowledge & Expertise

Low and middle-income countries (LMICs) face unique challenges related to their mixed traffic road environments and road safety institutional structures and management capacity. Building road safety knowledge and expertise that capture the LMIC context is vital for ensuring the effectiveness of road safety investment.

Focus areas include researching the true health, socioeconomic and poverty burden of road traffic injuries; strengthening the leadership capacity of senior-level decision makers with road safety policy, planning, funding, and management responsibilities; and developing new knowledge to improve speed management in the LMIC context.

Pillar 3 funds activities that support global research, capacity building, and knowledge production and transfer initiatives designed to enhance road safety performance in LMICs.

pillar 3

Focus Areas

Pillar 3 image

  • Road Safety Management
  • Road Safety Data
  • Disability and Health
  • Economics and Financing
  • Speed Management
  • Safe and Clean Vehicles
  • Road Design and Safety Appraisal Tools
  • Capacity Enhancement