Pillar 2: Programs & Innovations

Road safety interventions that are effective in reducing the severity of road traffic crashes, such as crash barrier initiatives, motorcycle helmet safety programs, and other mass actions, must be scaled up. These programs significantly contribute to improved road safety performance in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and complement the multisectoral investment projects supported by GRSF under Pillar 1.

Innovations in the transport and health sectors also show great promise for improved road safety outcomes in LMICs. For example, the uptake of transformative technologies in the transport, health, and urban development sectors—such as automated speed management and digitized emergency medical response systems—can greatly improve road safety performance.

In addition, there is growing potential for the development of financing instruments and viable business models that mobilize private sector road safety investment in LMICs.

Pillar 2 funds innovative and scalable programs in LMICs designed to improve road safety performance.

pillar 2

Focus Areas



  • Private Capital Mobilization
  • Crash Barriers
  • Helmet Use and Motorcyclist Safety
  • Safe School Journeys
  • Vehicle Safety Assessments
  • Digital Technologies